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Restless Souls by WendySpheros123 Restless Souls :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 7 0 PMATGA Nutcracker  by WendySpheros123 PMATGA Nutcracker :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 6 1 Falling in love by WendySpheros123 Falling in love :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 6 0 Andy Snatches Wendy by WendySpheros123 Andy Snatches Wendy :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 9 1 Elli  Human Version by WendySpheros123 Elli Human Version :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 12 11 Bored Wendy by WendySpheros123 Bored Wendy :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 7 1 Wendy Spheros by WendySpheros123 Wendy Spheros :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 15 6 girl group by WendySpheros123 girl group :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 14 5 Laminated Wendy and pearl by WendySpheros123 Laminated Wendy and pearl :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 16 3 Thank goodness your alright, Wendy by WendySpheros123 Thank goodness your alright, Wendy :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 9 2 Pearl's driving test by WendySpheros123 Pearl's driving test :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 10 5 crying Wendy by WendySpheros123 crying Wendy :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 11 3 Pearl and Wendy by WendySpheros123 Pearl and Wendy :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 7 2 no more hiding who I am by WendySpheros123 no more hiding who I am :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 13 5 Lady Diana Spheros  by WendySpheros123 Lady Diana Spheros :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 13 1 Happy Birthday Uncle Betrayus by WendySpheros123 Happy Birthday Uncle Betrayus :iconwendyspheros123:WendySpheros123 15 23


Zetiversary: Zeti OC Feature 4
Hey everybody! :wave:
It's been four years since the villainous group of Zeti, the Deadly Six, were officially unveiled in Sonic Lost World's "Debut Trailer". The Deadly Six have inspired numerous Zeti OCs; here's a handful of them:

I would've drawn artworks in time for this Zetiversary but I couldn't stop wallowing in regret over how badly I failed to be productive last year. It's in my best interest to just stop thinking about that and instead think about my tasks at hand while not caring if certain ones make me feel uncomfortable.
Happy Zetiversary everybody! :party:
#sonicocs #sonicfancharacters #sonicthehedgehog #zeti #zetiocs #feature  #ocfeature #zetiversary #anniversary
:iconzeti-oc:zeti-oc 3 5
Warcraft movie - Garona cosplay from Epic Con by ver1sa Warcraft movie - Garona cosplay from Epic Con :iconver1sa:ver1sa 54 2 Stop This!!! by Nalychan Stop This!!! :iconnalychan:Nalychan 18 18 Curling Tulip by msfowle Curling Tulip :iconmsfowle:msfowle 61 47 Tyrande by ShiChel Tyrande :iconshichel:ShiChel 147 14
HAPPY B-DAY! And happy belated Bday too OwO
It is currently 12:07 US TIME, and since it is technically morning, GUESS WHOS BDAY IT IS!?
THATS RIGHT! HAPPY BDAY :iconGhosteaterfan:, or as I like to call her, HAPPY BDAY BIG SIS! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! 
Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 
Oh, and before I forget, happy belated B-day to :iconWendySpheros123:, that is, if I haven't said happy b-day to you already....I forgot if I did, but I'm pretty sure I did but forgot...IDK...But I still wanna wish you a happy belated B-day, if I forgot to say happy B-day already ^^;
Anyways, go watch BOTH of these a-maze-ing people, you won't regret it! Trust me, both of these people are just two of my bestest friends on DA, so I know what I'm talking about.Hakase Smiling Icon Hakase Smiling Icon 
(and with that, imma go to bed...So tired..*yawn*
:iconjustagummybear:Justagummybear 1 10
Sylvanas Windrunner by Enshanlee Sylvanas Windrunner :iconenshanlee:Enshanlee 1,844 62 Variety Pac by AshumBesher Variety Pac :iconashumbesher:AshumBesher 32 27
Hades x Reader
"Where am I?" I muttered to myself, looking at my surroundings. I had gone to sleep in my bed but had just woken up to a completely different environment. I was still in a bed, but it was a lot bigger and a lot more comfy than the one at my house, and the room was lit by candles and a roaring fireplace which filled the room with warmth. The room itself was a beautiful gothic style, the kind you'd imagin castles to have. Suddenly, a voice interrupted my thoughts.
"You're in the Underworld, my dear. My palace, to be exact." I spun to my right where my eyes landed on a tall, handsome man who was leaning on the doorway and looking at me intently. His hair was back with slight curls and framed his face perfectly. His clothes were black also, but they only brought out his dark eyes, which glittered with an intensity and intelligence I had never seen on anyone before. It was only when my mind stopped checking him out that my mind registered what he had said.
"T-The Underworld? Your palace? Yo
:iconsophieleighbroome:SophieLeighBroome 124 17
Sailor Moon_Keychain by LadyGT Sailor Moon_Keychain :iconladygt:LadyGT 5,106 432 Bishoujo senshi by kaminary-san Bishoujo senshi :iconkaminary-san:kaminary-san 4,027 136 yuyuko reimu yukari by FiliaNanna yuyuko reimu yukari :iconfiliananna:FiliaNanna 115 2 Reunited by FinchSteal Reunited :iconfinchsteal:FinchSteal 6 14 Gift|Wendy Spheros by Vex2001 Gift|Wendy Spheros :iconvex2001:Vex2001 19 10 Got the Gang Together by Ninjastar107 Got the Gang Together :iconninjastar107:Ninjastar107 28 16 Cursed Scars page 6 by Ellamina Cursed Scars page 6 :iconellamina:Ellamina 20 14


WendySpheros123's Profile Picture
Just a normal girl trying to improve my drawing skills and loving what I'm doing, I love Sonic, PMATGA and Pac-man, Sailor Moon and Other Anime.

My Personal PMATGA Art

Me And My Mom  by WendySpheros123

CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent

What I love playing
World of warcraft by Thrash-Waltz Stamp: Diablo 3 by BabysMother Portal 2 Stamp by Utao

My favourite Shows

(Request) Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Sailor Moon Stamp by timevortex101 My first Stamp :) Fairy Tail Lover by Ookamis-Wolves


Restless Souls

Just a Random PMATGA Drawing ^^;

Marina is an Undead Guardian Spirit and former Princess of Paclantis, her Job is watching over the Undead Souls of Pac-world and the Netherworld andis basically a Guardian spirit and a Kickass Warrior too XD

Marina © Mine

Paclantis © Namco, PMATGA

Please, Please Comment

PMATGA Nutcracker
I love the Nutcracker Story ^^
So I decided to draw President Spheros as the nutcracker and my mermaid Oc Sophie as Clara lol

President Spheros © Namco

Drawing and Sophie © Mine

Please comment
Hey guys :D

I wanna talk about something interesting that I wanna share with you awesome people, like what are my Favourite RPG multi online role playing games.

my personal favourites are World of warcraft (I play Both horde and Alliance but I mostly love playing horde.)  my other favourite is Diablo 3 (because I have an Awesome Demon Hunter XD0

Sorry if this sounds lame ^^;


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Pokemongril762 Featured By Owner May 19, 2017
Can you draw my Pac-Man Ghost OC, Lianna?…
WendySpheros123 Featured By Owner May 19, 2017
I'd love to but my requests are closed at the moment Sorry ^^;
Icebird1917 Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
Do you know about, spooky.
CHEEZN64X Featured By Owner Edited May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Check out this cute sprite animation i made! :D…

It's about a Japanese Namco 1990 game named Marvel Land :)
WendySpheros123 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
I saw, it does look rather interesting. 
CHEEZN64X Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How about you draw any of the characters?:
(in order from left to right)
Bunny (bunny girl)
Sweetie (fairy girl with the yellow cap)
Prince Paco (Boy with dragon tail, ears and horns)
Princess Luxcie (Blonde fairy princess girl)
Florrie (fairy girl with flower hat)
Sylphie (fairy girl with blue hair and swimsuit)

It's okay if you don't want to.
Wait hold on?! I'm not taking requests so I can't draw them ^^;

SOrry but I'm not taking requests at the moment 
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knockoutandsonic Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Happy birthday 🎁 ^^
powerkidzforever Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
Happy Birthday bud I hope you have a great day today :):):)
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